Play Therapy

Children come to therapy for many reasons; from academic difficulties, seeking peer support, challenging family dynamics, low self-esteem, and sometimes showing their big feelings in very scary ways. One of a caregiver’s biggest fears is to lose their child in an overwhelming world.

For therapy, I am specially trained in Play Therapy, which allows me to connect with the child who is experiencing emotional turmoil. By using play as the context for therapy, children can reflect on their experience, learn new coping skills, gain a better self-concept, and build trusting relationships.

Couples Therapy

Couples seek therapy at times to resolve a current problem, as in issues with money, sex, infidelity, infertility, emotional distance, and sometimes frequent fighting. Some couples seek therapy to prevent such problems and others come to therapy because of a new transition in their relationship.

In couples therapy, I bring in an experiential approach to enhance the couples emotional language, bring shared meaning in the relationship, and help discover their true authentic selves with each other.

Family Therapy

In today’s modern world, there is no such thing as the traditional family. Many families experience divorce, blending, adopting, trauma, adult children not leaving the home, even sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. Most families will experience at least one big event that will dramatically shifts how the family members are connecting with each other. This may lead family members feeling disconnected, targeted, shifting blame, or so severe that it causes families to become estranged.

Family therapy can assist with resolving the crisis and help heal family wounds, no matter how old those wounds seem to be. In session, I guide family members to build a new structural system through their own shared values and beliefs. This allows the family to gain resiliency and develop new solutions to heal old wounds.

Individual Therapy

I can image that individual therapy can seem extremely intimidating but also, exhilarating at the same time. It is a place where you can unleash the feelings of loneliness, isolation, confusion, and anger; all the while feeling unsure of what will happen next in session after that big emotional expression. Therapy is a place where you will discover new parts of yourself and soon understand where those big feelings that once held you down came from.

Areas where we can help: difficulties with family and friends, low energy, nervousness, women’s health, guilt, sadness, compulsions, dishonesty, outbursts, too much fantasizing, excessive fears, and low self-esteem.

Parent Coaching

Sometimes the children are great and the family system is doing just fine; but you find that you might not feel this way about yourself.

I offer parent coaching for caregivers that just need a little bit of help and want more structure on how to go about things. During these sessions, we will discuss the family dynamic and the change you want to experience. I will give psychoeducation on child development, go over modern parenting techniques, and bring in attachment interventions that you can do at home. These sessions should last for 10 to possibly 15 weeks, to help bring in new structure and build stronger family relationships.